These are the perfect workouts to do when your kids are at a sports practice and it’s your carpool day. I developed variations of these workout when my group exercise classes were taking a break over the summer. Many of the participants still wanted to get together outside and do group workouts.
Mix and match any of the following:
• Run/walk hills
• Run/walk stadium stairs
• Shuffles side to side across fields or gym
• Suicides across fields or gym
• Skips across fields or gym
• High knees across fields or gym
• Butt kicks across fields or gym
• Back Peddle across fields or gym
• Kareoke across fields or gym
Vary the pace/intensity, distance, and duration for the above drills. You may want to start with the width of the field and work towards the length. You can also take a timer and work this into a tabata workout or use the timer to measure progress.
Cardio/Strength Combo
• Broad jump across fields or gym
• Tiger Walk across fields or gym (google this…it’s too hard to describe)
• Duck Walk across fields or gym (in plie position with heels up and buttocks just above knee level literally waddle – You look crazy, but this really works all muscles in lower body)
• Box step ups or jumps on a park bench alternating lead leg (best to step down rather than jump down)
• Alternate forward then backward lunges across fields or gym
Park bench pushups
• Push-ups on park bench
• Dips on park bench
• Planks on park bench
• Pull ups on monkey bars – use the ladder to help out if needed
• Chin ups on monkey bars
• Rings
If you get bored with any of the above drills, you can always bring a jump-rope, hula hoop, or exercise ladder and add several more drills.

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