70-80s Dance

70’s – 80’s Groove & Dance:
1. It’s a Shame: Warm up, gradually increase resistance while keeping fast/race pace
2. Let’s Groove: Fast Pace, add resistance while varying standing and sitting
3. Wanna Be Your Lover: Seated medium resistance sprints on chorus
4. Who’s That Lady: Start at light resistance, but add “touches” every 15 seconds while maintaining fast pace
5. Dance to the Music: 1st Climb – Alternate stand and sit while maintaining medium to heavy resistance
6. Broadway: Long seated Climb, add resistance every minute
7. Theme from Shaft: start light resistance, add touches while maintaining pace
8. Let’s Get Loud: Heavy resistance Standing climb, hover climb, seated climb, rotate among the 3
9. Super Freak: Jumps – Heavy resistance alternate between hovering just out of saddle and sitting
10. Love Me Just a Little While: Medium resistance, 15 seconds fast, 15 faster, 15 fastest, rest 15 second
11. Whip It: Seated climb
12. Dancing on the Ceiling: Bring heart rate down, comfortable pace, comfortable resistance
13. Celebration: Cool down and stretch

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