Best of 2K

Best of 2K Playlist/Workout, approx 1 hour:
1. Somebody that I Used to Know: Warm up, gradually increase resistance while keeping fast/race pace
2. Suddenly I See: Seated intervals of Light resistance fast pace, On chorus increase to med/heavy resistance for standing runs
3. The Edge of Glory: Seated intervals of Medium resistance build to fast, faster, fastest pace for about 30 seconds each as music builds
4. I Like It: Heavy resistance for seated Rolling Hills, Light resistance sprints down on chorus
5. Too Close: Seated Climb, start with medium resistance and increase resistance each minute (4 times)
6. Feel This Moment: Intervals of Heavy Seated, Heavy Standing, Light sprint seated (during instrumental sections)
7. Finally Found You: Maintain medium to heavy resistance and vary pace with surges last 20 seconds of each minute
8. Disturbia: Heavy resistance for intervals of Standing (climbing stance), Standing (Hover stance), Seated (back in saddle) while maintaining consistent pace
9. Wake Me Up When it’s all Over: Race Pace Tempo ride
10. Moves Like Jagger: Hover jumps – barely out of saddle for fixed number of counts, then sit for same number of counts
11. I Will Wait: Light resistance seated interval sprints vary duration of each
12. Holiday: Hard Heavy Seated Climb, maintain consistent pace throughout
13. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye: Heavy resistance for standing Rolling Hills, Light resistance seated sprints down on chorus
14. Firework: Seated Climb, Add resistance every minute, increase pace last 30 seconds of each minute
15. Home: Gradual Cool Down
16. I’m a Believer: Continue cool down and stretch

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