Cycling Party Mix

This Playlist is all over the place in Music Genre, but lot’s of fun, motivating songs.
The Theme is Tempo. You are to work more on maintaining your RPMs than climbing/strength. Great Cardio Workout!
1. No Parking on the Dance Floor, Midnight Star: Warm up, fast pace, gradually add resistance
2. Bad Moon Rising, Credence Clearwater Revival: Seated medium resistance find tempo with the beat 1 minute, stand and hover same tempo with heavy resistance
3. Working for the Weekend, Loverboy: Medium resistance, medium pace. Surge on chorus at least 10 to 15 RPMS
4. I Like It, Enrique Iglesias: Medium resistance, a little heavier than last song, medium pace. Surge on chorus at least 10 to 15 rpms.
5. Timber, Pitbull: Heavy Resistance: Maintain Tempo with the beat, alternate seated and hover stance
6. Holiday, American Idiot: Medium Pace: start at Medium Resistance, add resistance each minute while maintaining tempo
7. I Would Walk 500 Miles: Seated Climb, Stand on chorus – heavy resistance
8. Let’s Go Crazy, Heavy, Steady Climb
9. Up Around the Bend, Credence Clearwater Revival: Standing tempo ride, Keep pace with heavy resistance
10. Forget You, Cee Lo Green: Jumps
11. Roll With the Changes, REO Speedwagon: Make this your hardest meaning go with a medium resistance, fast pace and maintain tempo. If you are not at that anaerobic threshold the entire six minutes, you aren’t working hard enough!
12. Mr. Jones, Counting Crows: Gradually bring heartrate down as reduce resistance and pace.

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