Exercise is better with a buddy

Find a buddy!

I really hope to connect people geographically with this blog who have similar lifestyles and interests. It it always better to exercise with a buddy for motivation and safety reasons (biking, hiking, running, etc)

Exercise can be very social:
#1: Group Exercise classes at a gym. Catch up with your friend before and after class and encourage each other during class

#2: Walking or Running. Both for safety and for companionship, it’s much nicer to walk or run with a friend

#3: Water Jogging. Since your head is out of the water, you can carry on a conversation.

#4: Cycling. While some areas discourage riding side by side, you can usually find somewhere remote so that you can check in during semi-breaks.

#5: Cardio machines. Side by side machines are great ways to motivate and encourage each other

#6: Spot each other. Okay, I know this seems like a guy thing, but girls need spotters too if you are using free weightsgirls-exercising2

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