What can I do with a sedentary job?

getty_rm_photo_of_woman_stretching_at_desk“I have a sedentary job, what can I do?”

I’ve had several jobs over my lifetime where I’ve had to sit at a computer all day. An eight hour day was unheard of as I’d often find myself going on 10 or 11 hours before I could finish up for the day. What’s worse is 2 of my jobs were at home which can make it even harder to get up and leave it for the day. Before I became too disgusted with myself for not bothering to shower, fix a decent lunch, or even get up to stretch I had to brainstorm ways I could fit in activity and still get my work done.

Please see the following tips:
#1: Exercise before you start work – this is pretty essential even if it’s just a couple of days/week
#2: Take “Yoga” breaks. Set an alarm if you need to to take stretch breaks every hour or two.
#3: If you are on conference calls most of the day, find at least one call where you are primarily listening rather than talking. Put on your mouthpiece/earpiece and go outside and power walk during the call.
#4: Go up and down stairs during a call
#5: Find some co-workers and walk during your lunch break and then eat your packed lunch at your desk
#6: Find a gym that is close to work and go there during your lunch break

See the following links for Deskercise ideas!

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