What if I just don’t like to run?

I’ll admit, this is hard for me. I love to run so much it’s hard for me to imagine NOT wanting to do it. I take my Chocolate Lab and it’s just us out there by ourselves in nature…and I just love it! Running is the fountain of youth according to a friend who just ran the Boston Marathon.

Running is probably the easiest, most efficient way to improve heart health, lose weight, and maintain the body you desire. So why don’t more people latch onto the addiction?

You have to get “over the hump”. In my group cycling classes, I inform new participants that it typically takes 4 to 6 classes before you actually start to like it due to the invigorating workout, camaraderie with other participants is always helpful.

Start with a group like Girls on the Run, Run walk for several miles/weeks. Eventually you’ll get to the place where you are saying…”how did I do without this?”

NOTE***** “I can’t run because of the stress on my joints”
Well, I beg to differ. There are so many options for low impact running:
#1: Run trails – I exclusively run trails to minimize the stress on my joints.
#2: Run only on rubberized tracks: Most good high schools only use these tracks.
#3: Run on a treadmill which is much more low-impact than a paved street.
#4: Water Jog, if all else fails, you can get in over 5 feet of water (don’t touch the bottom) and water jog by simulating the exact motion of running on land. Great workout!
#5: Wear appropriate shoes. Go to a shoe store designed specifically for running. You can actually run on a treadmill and they will analyze your running style and recommend the right brands and models for you.

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