Miscellaneous Health Suggestions

Every body is different but also PERFECT in God’s way.
How do you navigate all of the information you find on the internet? Is it valid? Or are people just posting their opinion?

#1: Listen to your doctor. I have incredible faith in our licensed physicians. BUT, don’t assume all are 100% accurate, get a 2nd opinion when in doubt.

#2: Take yourself back 10 or 20 years. Would you have slept with a cell phone, laptop, and ipad? Absolutely not! Don’t do it now. The same studies that used to warn against clockradios next to your brain are still valid today. Pleeeeeaaaase do not sleep near any wireless device! Move it across the room if it is your alarm clock. You’ll be sure to get up because you must walk to turn it off!

#3: Stay away from plastic. I realize that studies are inconclusive here, but try to drink/eat out of stainless and glass when you are home. Avoid plastic whenever possible for your health and to help reduce waste in our landfills.

#4: Wheat and Gluten. Very confusing subject. Please see the article written by my sister who is an internal medicine MD: http://viglionemd.com/January%202013.pdf
which is based on the book: Wheat Belly

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