Summer 2014

Fun Playlist I have used in my cycling classes this summer:
Maps, Maroon 5: Warm Up
Take Me Home, Cash Cash: Fast speed, gradually add resistance
Pompeii, Bastille: Medium/Heavy resistance, surge on chorus
Am I Wrong, Nico Vinz: Climb Start medium, Add Resistance every 30 seconds
Alesso, One Republic: Stay Medium Heavy, Stand 10 seconds on music change, Sit and Surge on chorus
Rewind, Rascal Flats: Seated Climb 2 minutes, Standing Climb 2 minutes (very heavy resistance)
Vida (Spanglish Version): Seated tempo ride race pace (light to medium resistance)
Wavin Flag, K’naan: Heavy Resistance: Sit, Stand and hover on chorus
Burn, Ellie Goulding: Fast, Faster, Fastest start at Light resistance, Up to Medium Resistance, Up to Heavy
A Sky Full of Stars, Coldplay AND Raging Fire, Phillip Phillips: Race Pace entire drill – add touches pyramid at 4 minutes then back off gradually
Ain’t It Fun, Paramore: Jumps with Heavy Resistance
One Way Road: 1 leg spins – light resistance, fast pace
Young Blood, The Naked and Famous: Easy pace start heavy and lighten resistance each minute
All of Me, John Legend: Cool Down

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