Cancer Fighting Diets

Since my mother battled ovarian cancer for over a year, I feel as if I need to dedicate a page regarding nutrition and cancer.

Although there is some debate on whether cancer-fighting diets actually help eliminate cancers, most professionals agree that proper nutrition is a factor in preventing and fighting cancer.

The most popular diet is the macro-biotic diet which I strongly feel does help fight cancer.

The following link by the American Cancer Society sums up this diet very well:

As the article portrays, this diet is very hard to follow and if not followed correctly, it may not work effectively.

The key points to remember when using the diet are:
#1: Use the correct cookware: you don’t want to add carcinogens by not cooking and eating/drinking from proper cookware. Don’t use plastic at all.
#2: Load the diet with the best vegetables possible. Stick with local and organic
#3: Make sure you are using enough protein, vegetarian is the best for this diet, but some allow fish and free-range poultry

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