Top Ten Veggies

1) Spinach: eat raw, steamed/sauteed or throw into a smoothie
2) Kale: eat raw (in a salad is tough, make sure to massage and tear into tiny pieces) see above for spinach
3) Broccoli: Again if you don’t like it raw in a salad, steam it to add as a side or stir fry
4) Green Peas: You need these, if you don’t like them hot, chill and add to a salad
5) Brussel Sprouts: you either like them or you don’t. No stress 🙂

6) Carrots: Use carrots everywhere: salads, dips, cook, blend, and add in smoothies, soups and sauces (yes – Italian, I always add to my spaghetti sauces)
7) Sweet Potatoes: Substitute if you can…all white potatoes for sweet potatoes
8) Pumpkin: Ha! I know your are thinking where in the heck can I add pumpkin? Use cans in any soups and sauces to thicken.

9) Beets: You’ll see beets on most good salad bars now! They are so nutritious. Most people can’t stand the smell of cooked beets so use them canned or steamed: in salads, sauces and soups!
10) Red Peppers: The color makes them the most nutritious However, any peppers are great to add flavor to salads, mixed vegetable dishes, omelettes, or stir-fries.

Hopefully, you can find at least 3 of these that you will consume daily. This is the MOST IMPORTANT nutrition tip other than water consumption. Please try to eat these veggies!

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