Happy New Year!

happy new year


quiting smoking


It’s New Year’s resolution time! For many people that means hitting the gym, dieting, or quitting a bad habit. Improving your health is a great goal to have for 2016. But, following through is not always easy.

The article below from CNN lists several items you can purchase to help keep those resolutions. Fitness trackers, memberships/subscriptions, and cooking gadgets to make healthy eating easier are all good ideas.


I always recommend working with a buddy. Tell a good friend your goals and try to keep each other accountable.

outside roller

Here are some additional strategies to help keep you on track:
1. Set up daily or weekly rewards.
2. If you are trying to quit something, make a list of activities you enjoy and when you get a trigger, like for instance, eating sweets, do your activity instead.
3. Keep a journal.
4. Learn to meditate. (there are several good apps available)
5. Forgive yourself when you slip up. It’s okay to miss a workout, and one or two slip-ups should not ruin your entire resolution.

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